Friday, 10 January 2014

Y7, 8 & 9 Inter-House Chess Competition

First, thanks to Mr Watson and Miss Lacey for organising this.

Following on from the successful Y10 & 11 competition held before Christmas, this begins on Monday 13th January. Our entrants are:

+ 7S: Jacob Calvert (Reserve: Thomas Beecroft)
+ 8S: Nathaniel Hillman (Reserve: Karanjot Chhatwal)
+ 9S: Alfie Caine (Reserve: Rohan Sharma)

Here are the details:

• The competition will be taking place between Monday 13th and Friday 17th January.
• All matches will take place in MA4 at lunchtime. You must arrive promptly at 1.00pm and 12.05pm on Wednesday.
• There is to be one applicant from each form. One from each year group.
• A win will be worth 3 points, a draw 1 and a loss 0.
• If a player is unable to attend a game, another person from the House and year group (the reserve) may take their place or automatic win to the opponent. In the event that neither competitors show up, they will both score 0.
Players entering will earn House Points dependent on what position they finish.
• Games start at 1:05pm or there is a forfeit of the game. Early lunch passes should be provided by your Head of House if necessary.

Our matches are taking place on:

+ Monday 13th - versus Telford
+ Tuesday 14th - versus Brunel
+ Wednesday 15th - versus Darwin
* Thursday 16th - NO MATCH *
+ Friday 17th - versus Newton

Good luck to all competing. Thanks for representing the House.

Mr Jarrett

House Charity @ 10th January

I'm pleased to say that our charity total is now £514.55. Thanks to everyone who's contributed to date. Donations by form are:

+ 7S: £44.77
+ 8S: £33.34
+ 9S: £24.01
+ 10S: £73.07
11S: £13.60
+ Y12: £76.52
Y13: £85.65

The balance of £176.99 comprises the money collected on 13th, 20th, 27th September and 06th December (which wasn’t broken down by form), £14.23 carried over from 2012/13 (which wasn't included in the final cheque to EllenorLions in July) and the £103.00 raised at the Display Auction on 16th December.

I'd like to thank Miss Alcock for her excellent work - yet again - for the House. Before Christmas, not only did she organise and run the Display Auction, she also oversaw the successful 'Wilmington Bake Off' Inter House competition which proved extremely popular. I think there'll be demand for that to be repeated next year, Miss!

To have raised so much since September for The Parents Consortium is a great achievement and I'd like to thank everyone for their generosity, particularly Y10, 12 and 13 for setting such a great example to the younger students.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Jarrett

House Points @ 10th January

The latest positive and negative House Point comparison is:

1. Newton: 11573
2. Stevenson: 11438
3. Darwin: 10958
4. Telford: 10882
5. Brunel: 9672

As you can see, it's very close indeed at the top so let's see if we can resume the lead in the coming weeks. Well done to the highest achievers in their respective forms, who are:

7S - Matthew Lecoq: 277
8S - Karanjot Chhatwal: 154
9S - Reuben McQueen: 159
10S - Joshua Bunce: 135
11S - Girgio Savva: 73
Year 12 - Elizabeth Cornford: 170
Year 13 - David Roddy: 71

Thanks everyone. Keep up the good work.

Mr Jarrett

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wilmington Bake Off

As mentioned in our assembly yesterday, Miss Alcock is organising this Inter-House competition which starts on Monday 09th December. Each form should by now have nominated two students to represent their form. There will be three competitions (see dates below) in order for all year groups to be able to participate and represent their House.

This will be a Christmas themed Bake Off and students will need to work in pairs to bake a 'Show Stopper' Christmas Cake. Everything will need to be made in school and all ingredients will need to be purchased by the students and brought into school in the morning. Students will have 2 1/2 hours to bake their cakes and then display them to be judged over lunch time.

For year 11, 12 and 13 students, two students from each year 11 group will work together. However, for year 12 and 13, only two student from each sixth form House can enter due to the restrictions of the number of cookers in the food room. Ideally, one student from year 12 will work with another from year 13 to make one team.

+ Years 7 & 8 – Monday 09th December (periods 1 – 4)

+ Years 11, 12 & 13 – Wednesday 11th December (periods 1 – 4)

+ Years 9 & 10 - Friday 13th December (periods 1 – 4)

Please see either Miss Alcock or myself if you have any further questions about this.

Mr Jarrett

House Charity @ 04th December

Up to and including our weekly collection last Thursday (28th November), our fundraising total for The Parents Consortium now amounts to an impressive £346.95.

Thanks to everyone for their generosity, especially our year 10, 12 and 13 form groups who have contributed £64.45, £76.52 and £79.42 respectively since September.

Mr Jarrett

House Points @ 04th December

I checked Behaviour Watch at lunchtime and here's how things stood:

The highest achievers in each form are:

7S - Matthew Lecoq: 159
8S - Karanjot Chhatwal: 135
9S - Reuben McQueen: 142
10S - Ben Fitchett: 100
11S - Girgio Savva: 60
6S1 - Elizabeth Cornford: 159
6S2 - David Roddy: 71

Great work everyone - keep up the good work.

Mr Jarrett

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Year 8 & 9 Inter-House Rugby

This competition was yet again organised superbly by Mr Chidlow. Our team did tremendously well and finished second overall with the following record:

- Played: 4
- Won: 3
- Lost: 1
- Drawn: 0
- Points: 6

Our squad for the competition was:

+ Albert AMARTEY
+ Kieran BRAND
+ Daniel GREEN
+ Louis HOAD
+ Charlie KNIGHT
+ Reuben McQUEEN
+ Joshua MERRY
+ Barney SITWELL
+ James TOWN
+ Daniel TURNHAM

Thanks to all of the above for representing the House so brilliantly. It was really good to see the year 8 and 9 students working so well together. Everyone who played has been awarded House Points for their effort and commitment.

Excellent work, boys. Well done and thank you.

Mr Jarrett